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Why Do We Love the Lottery So Much?

If you’re a lottery lover, have you ever wondered what induces you to keep buying tickets month after month, week after week? What’s the most magical appeal of the lotto games that keeps us all enthralled, and eager to buy a new ticket before every draw?

Is it addiction or the hope of gaining a big jackpot prize. Or becoming a millionaire, or even multi-millionaire, instantly? Or is it something else?

Why are you a lottery player?

According to a famous human behavior expert, people love resting their expectations upon a rescue fantasy. They think that there is a Cinderella complex and a fairy godmother who is going to come in and save them.

People regard the lottery as the fairy godmother

The concept proves to be true for a few lucky players. For those who have bought lottery tickets and were lucky enough to hit the big jackpot which made them rich beyond their dreams. So for them, winning a lottery turns out to be a fairy tale come true.

Another big reason that stands behind the love for the lottery is the expectation/hope that’s raised when they hold that lottery ticket in their hand. It stands as a chance to make their dreams finally come true - virtually in an instant. That's the thrill of the game.

We all have spent moments fantasizing about what we would do with the money if we won the lottery (here's some crazy ideas if you're stuck). Just that fantasy alone is enough to keep us playing - but it's also good value for merely the price of a ticket. And if you aren't holding a ticket, you can’t even imagine yourself or generate any expectations of becoming instantly rich.

What do the Lottery Numbers actually mean to you?

Fact is, the chances of winning a lottery are quite remote. Getting tickets with the hope that you’ll be the one who can successfully beat the odds and win a jackpot might seem to be irrational.

But in order to understand why you buy tickets to try your luck on the lottery, it’s quite important to understand that when you buy a ticket spending a few dollars, you are not just buying a set of numbers or a piece of paper. You are purchasing the certainty that the numbers you have selected possess the power to transform your life.

More specifically, you are buying a hope. You are transacting a chance to have your dream come true. Additionally, you are buying pleasure, in the hope that those numbers inscribed on your lottery tickets will get you a grand prize jackpot.

On buying the lottery tickets, you are investing in the possibility that fortune will make you a winner like others, who really have won incredible fortunes.

So what’s the harm in playing, if you enjoy the process anyway. The lottery can keep your dreams alive! And this for the reason why we love lottery so much.

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