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The Irish Lotto - Good Odds, Decent Prize

Of course the Irish Lotto is popular in Ireland ('yeah, thanks for that gem of advice) - but you can also play it from elsewhere too. And it is a good game to try - the jackpot is decent but the odds are way better than most games.

Two draws per week take place on every Wednesday and Saturday. The jackpot, which is always worth at least €2,000,000, is rolled over to the next draw if it is not won on the current week’s draw. This feature has made the previous jackpots rise in value to over €5 million. Not too shoddy.

Playing the Irish Lotto Game

Regardless of your geographical location, you can play the Irish Lotto as long as you are of legal age. You have to select six numbers from a range of one to forty-five. The jackpot is for matching all 6. The odds however for a single entry are 1 in 8,145,060 - significantly better than even a typical 6 from 49 game (and hundreds of times better than most powerball games). This makes the Irish lottery one of the easiest big games to win in the world as far as winning the jackpot is concerned; although, a substantial amount of good luck is still an obvious requirement for success of course.

Luckily, for players who are only able to match a few of their numbers but not enough to pocket the jackpot, the Irish lottery has enough consolation prizes for them. Each draw selects six major numbers and a seventh number considered to the Bonus number. This bonus number is irrelevant for the jackpot, it's there to boost up some of the consolation prizes.

The draw takes place at 8pm so ticket close at the latest 15 minutes before this time.

Here's a schedule of prize levels and the amount paid for each:-

Prize Level Numbers Matched Winnings
Division 1 6 Main Numbers €2,000,000 plus
Division 2 5 Main Numbers + Bonus €25,000
Division 3 5 Main Numbers 8.17% of prize pool divided amongst winners
Division 4 4 Main Numbers + Bonus 2.54% of prize pool divided amongst winners
Division 5 4 Main Numbers 14.29% of prize pool divided amongst winners
Division 6 3 Main Numbers + Bonus 8.62% of prize pool divided amongst winners
Division 7 3 Main Numbers €5

The Irish Lottery (official site here) is a great choice if you're not sure what game to go with, and is one I particularly like simply because the odds are so much better for what is still a really good prize.


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